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“In order to ensure maximum returns on my pasture based production system I re-seed 12 to 15 acres every year. I only use Shamrock’s grass seed blends because it has top varieties and excellent clover mixes”

Moyglass, Fethard, Co Tipperary - Dry Stock Farmer

John Martin Fogarty

"This year I am using Shamrock Milk Replacer for my dairy calves and so far I'm pleased with the results. The calves appear to be thriving well and disease is kept to a minimum long may it continue."

Donemana, County Tyrone

Brian Dooher

“I’ve been using Shamrock Dairy Special with Vitamin E for the last 4 years as my pre-calving minerals and am very happy with the outcomes. Since I started using it, I have strong, healthy calves and no complications with calvings”

Moyglass, Fethard, Co Tipperary - Dairy Farmer

Michael Browne

“I’m happy to continue using Shamrock Milk Replacer for rearing my calves. Not only does it put a great shine on my calves, but my calves are healthier and stronger and achieve target weights at weaning. I would highly recommend Shamrock Milk Replacer to allow calves reach their genetic potential”

Co Clare

Paul Hedderman

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Animal, Consumer & Environmentally (ACE) friendly

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