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Shamrock Finishing/Store Cattle

I have been using Shamrock Beef Finisher for the last few years and am extremely happy with average daily gains and subsequent carcass weights. I will continue to use Shamrock Beef Finisher because of the results I have achieved.”
Seán Buckley
Milstreet. Co Cork - Beef Farmer

Shamrock Finishing/Store Cattle Supplements

Shamrock Farm Enterprises Beef Products are available in powder, gelatinous and liquid formulations and provides essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins in a palatable form.

All products are seaweed based for optimum delivery of micronutrients and contain a rumen buffer to maintain the integrity of the digestive system.

The dietary nutrients of the beef animal changes with the respect to stage of production and Shamrock Farm Enterprises products are manufactured to deliver optimum supplementation for each stage.

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