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Shamrock Beef Feed Block

Shamrock Beef Feed Block is high in crude protein (soya), minerals, trace elements and vitamins.
Shamrock Beef Feed Block is designed for calves that are 6 months or older and on excellently managed and quality grass, no extra ration in the diet is required.
The unique formulation of the Beef Feed Block allows the grass to be used more efficiently for low cost rearing, while promoting target weights and performance.

Features and Benefits:

√ Seaweed based
√ Contains a rumen buffer for improved digestive health and feed efficiency.
√ No fillers added
√ Convenient: Available 24 hours a day
√ Cost effective

Available in:

√ 35 kg block

Consumption Rate:

√ 200 to 300g/animal/day.
√ Allow one bucket per 20 animals

Key Points About Shamrock Products

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