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Shamrock Beef Finisher


√ Designed for finishing cattle and contains 5% phosphorus, live yeast and kelp.


√ Promotes higher dry matter intake and better feed conversion to muscle.

Available in:

√ 25kg powder formulation

Consumption Rate:

√ 100g/head/day

By investing €13.20 per animal, average daily gains are improved by 10%, leading in a reduction in the number of days to slaughter by 10 to 15 days. Secondary savings on time, feed and labour are also incurred. Recommended feeding rate is 100g/head/day.

Shamrock Beef Finisher delivers macro-minerals (calcium and phosphorous), trace elements and vitamins to the animal in concentrations essential to this critical finishing period.


  • Shamrock Beef Finisher contains two types of seaweed for efficient delivery of the micronutrients and for stabilising the rumen environment.
  • Shamrock Beef Finisher contains high levels of phosphorous & live yeast.


  • Phosphorous regulates calcium balance and stimulates dry matter intake
  • Live-yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) added to Shamrock Beef Finisher helps to double the rate of rumen adaptation for improved performance.
  • Live yeast also promotes increased dry matter intake, growth, development and carcass classification.
  • The seaweed based rumen stabiliser (Lithothamnium calcareum) present in Shamrock Beef Finisher maintains the correct pH and has 2.5 times the buffering capacity of sodium bicarbonate
  • The substantial buffering capacity of seaweed in Shamrock Supplements neutralises more acid overtime for improved feed utilisation and subsequent performance.
  • Designed to provide the highest level of micronutrients in a highly palatable format to support transition management of the animal.
  • Feeding rate of 100g per head per day for a minimum of 60 days prior to slaughter.

Why use Shamrock Beef Finisher:

  • Key Supplement for growth and better feed conversion to muscle.
  • Live yeast and higher levels of rumen buffer help regulate the pH of the rumen.
  • The benefits of live yeast to the animal include promoting the integrity of the rumen as well as increasing dry matter intake and growth.
  • Higher levels of phosphorous stimulates greater feed intake for greater daily gains.
  • To allow a smooth adaptation of the rumen to changes in diet:
  • Elongation of ruminal papilla.
  • Change in ruminal bacteria from cellulolytic to amylolytic.
  • Change in ruminal bacteria to lactate-utilising bacteria.

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