Dundrum, Co Tipperary, Ireland | Tel: +353 62 71633

Shamrock Calf Products

We hope to expand our herd here in Limerick, and in order to achieve this we have begun to simplify our farm practices without compromising animal welfare to allow us cater for greater numbers. We have recently installed a state of the art robotic milking machine that milks our cows on average 2.4 times a day and provides us with essential performance statistics at each milking. Another aspect of our farm management is the use of Shamrock Calf Feed Blocks. The Shamrock Calf Feed Block is a labour and cost effective means to rear stronger calves and eliminates the work load of having to haul bags of meal to the calves everyday. Our calves are thriving on the Shamrock Calf Feed Blocks and I can’t recommend them highly enough”
Simon Butler
Adare, Co. Limerick - Dairy & Friesian to Beef Farmer
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