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Shamrock High Mag Fertility Block


√ Shamrock High Mag Fertility Block is a dual purpose complimentary seaweed based supplement that contains a rumen buffer, minerals, trace elements and vitamins.
√ The mineral block contains 15% magnesium to help prevent grass tetany in periods of risk and is also rich in micronutrients for efficient reproductive performance.
√ Suitable for all breeding heifers and cows and recommended to give to animals for up to 4 weeks prior to breeding.

Features and Benefits:

√ It alleviates the requirement for two blocks:
a) Higher levels of magnesium help prevent the onset of grass tetany (grass staggers)
b) Full compliment of micronutrients, especially the trace elements iodine, cobalt, copper, zinc, selenium and manganese, all of which are necessary for oocyte development, fertilisation, implantation and early embryonic development.
√ No fillers added.
√ Low usage rate.
√ Available 24 hours a day.

Available in:

√ 18 kg and 40 kg mineral block

Consumption Rate:

√ 20g/100kg bodyweight/day.

Garlic can be added to repel flies and insects.

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