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Shamrock Post-Calving Supplements

Shamrock Post-Calving Supplements

All Shamrock post-calving supplements are seaweed based with added buffer and enriched with micro-nutrients.

Seaweed is an effective method to deliver the micro-nutrients to the animal for maximum absorption, while the buffer keeps the rumen at optimum pH.

Why Supplement:

  • Necessary to help alleviate conditions associated with calving (e.g., milk fever, ketosis)
  • Increase the rate of energy balance recovery
  • Promote peak milk production
  • Boost fertility

“The average investment is €11.62 per cow or heifer for the recommended supplementation period to promote calf health and offset any undesirable metabolic conditions when using Shamrock powdered pre-calving products”

I put a huge emphasis on diligent management of my herd throughout the year to ensure optimum health, fertility and milk yields. As part of my management programme I use Shamrock Dairy Special plus Vitamin E and Shamrock High Phosphorus Post-Calving supplements to ensure an overall easier calving, and to set the cows and calves right for the season"
Seán Hurley
Arklow, Co Wicklow - Dairy Farmer, Milking over 100 cows
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