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Shamrock Dairy Elite

Shamrock Dairy Elite

Shamrock Dairy Elite


contains high levels of phosphorous and live yeast.


√ Phosphorous regulates calcium balance and stimulates dry matter intake.
√ Live yeast works in association with the rumen buffer, maintains the pH of the rumen.
√ Live yeast also promotes increased dry matter intake, growth, development and peak milk production.

Available in:

25kg powder formulation

Consumption Rate:

√ 100g/cow/day of powder
√ 100-200g/cow/day as mineral lick

Shamrock Dairy Elite

  • Delivers essential macro-minerals (Ca & P), trace elements and vitamins postpartum.
  • The cow is at greatest risk to disease directly post calving: retained foetal membranes, uterine infections, mastitis, milk fever

Main uses Of Dairy Elite:


Adapt the rumen to prevent ruminal acidosis

Milk Yield Change ruminal bacteria: cellulolytic to amylolytic lactate-utilising bacteria.

Milk Yield

Elongate ruminal papillae

Shamrock Dairy Elite Contains :

  • two types of seaweed for efficient delivery of micronutrients and to stabilise the rumen
  • high levels of phosphorous & live yeast.


  • Phosphorous regulates calcium balance and stimulates dry matter intake
  • Live-yeast: helps to double the rate of rumen adaptation for improved performance promotes increased dry matter intake, growth, development and milk production.
  • The seaweed based rumen buffer maintains the correct pH and has 2.5 times the buffering capacity of sodium bicarbonate: improved feed utilisation and subsequent performance.
  • All minerals and trace elements are carried on an amino acid base, and are therefore protected to ensure optimum availability to the animal.

Why use Shamrock Dairy Elite:

Fertility and Breeding:

A well-balanced mineral, trace element and vitamin programme can promote fertility: regular oestrous cycles, production of quality oocytes, fertilization, implantation, early embryonic development and maintenance of pregnancy to term.

Fertility is the main driver for producer profitability: milk production, beef production and genetic gain

Shamrock Dairy Elite

The importance of Phosphorus:

Phosphorus forms the backbone of DNA, is an integral component of cell membranes, is a primary component of ATP and ATP for energy transfer and is an important structural component in bone.

Dairy cows Phosphorous Requirements:

1.1g of P is lost per litre of milk produced

At peak production

a cow producing 26 kg of milk will lose on average 29g of P a day. Pllus a cow requires extra P for maintenance and breeding (25 to 30g/head)


√ Lethargy
√ Reduced appetite
√ Abnormal gait
√ Pica Poor fertility
√ Lameness
√ Weight loss
√ Reduced milk yield

The importance of live yeast in the bovine diet:

The importance of live yeast in the bovine diet:

Many studies have shown the beneficial effects live yeast products have on:

  • Improve feed conversion efficiency by between 10% and 15%.
  • Increase milk yield:1 - 2 litres more milk per cow.
  • Improve milk quality: increase milk protein yield.
  • Improved fertility, body condition and overall herd health.
  • The yeast which Shamrock uses differs from other live yeast in that it is micro-encapsulated to improve viability for use under commercial farm conditions.

A recent trial in a high yielding UK herd showed the benefit of supplementing dairy cows with live yeast.

The graph below clearly shows improved performance from cows supplemented with live yeast in early lactation:

The effects of live yeast supplementation to dairy cows during the hot season on production, feed efficiency, and digestibility.

Moallem U, Lehrer H, Livshitz L, Zachut M, Yakoby S. (2009)

"Examined the effects of live yeast supplementation to dairy cows during the summer season on milk production, feed efficiency and ration digestibility”

42 dairy cows were fed either a control lactating diet or supplemented with 1 g of live yeast (amounts adjusted twice a week) per 4 kg of dry matter consumed.


  • The daily dry matter intake in the live yeast group was 2.5% greater compared with the control group
  • The daily average milk yield of the live yeast group was greater by 1.5 kg (4.1%) compared with the contro
  • Milk fat yield was greater in the live yeast group than in the control.
  • The fat-corrected milk 4% was 2.0 kg greater in the live yeast group than in the control group
  • The efficiency of using dry matter to produce 4% fat-corrected milk was 3.7% greater in the live yeast group
  • Ruminal ammonia concentrations after feeding were greater in the control group than in the live yeast

It may be concluded that life yeast supplementation to dairy cows during the hot season improved the rumen environment in a way that increased the dry matter intake and in consequence enhanced the productivity and efficiency.

The net result of supplementation with Shamrock Dairy Elite is:

  • minimize the risk of metabolic conditions
  • promote milk production: yield and milk fat
  • support return to breeding

Insufficient supplementation can predispose animals to

  • Subfertility
  • lowered milk yield
  • lowered live weight gain
  • undesirable metabolic conditions.

Shamrock Farm Enterprises offers nutritional solutions to promote fertility in heifers/cows.

“Our products are seaweed based and contain a rumen buffer as standard, as well as containing essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins for healthy animals”

Reasons for using Shamrock products:

  • Any farm or organisation that team up with Shamrock are getting the benefits of 27 years of nutritional experience.
  • Shamrock is recognised as one of the world’s most progressive manufacturers of minerals and feed additives.
  • You are guaranteed technical support on any nutritional problems along with veterinary support from our veterinarians.

Key Points about Shamrock Dairy Elite

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