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Shamrock High Phos Post-Calver


√ Designed to balance calcium concentration and stimulate dry matter intake in the lactating cow.
√ The rumen buffer plays a vital role to keep the pH of the rumen at optimum (pH 6.3) for longer periods of time, thereby promoting higher dry matter intake and improved digestibility.


√ The combined effects helps alleviate milk fever, restore energy balance and promote higher feed conversion.

The importance of Phosphorus:

√ Phosphorus forms the backbone of DNA, is an integral component of cell membranes, is a primary component of ATP and ATP for energy transfer and is an important structural component in bone.

Dairy cows Phosphorous Requirements:

√ 1.1g of P is lost per litre of milk produced
√ At peak production: A cow producing 26 kg of milk will lose on average 29g of P a day.
√ Plus a cow requires extra P for maintenance and breeding (25 to 30g/head day)


√ Lethargy
√ Reduced appetite
√ Abnormal gait
√ Pica Poor fertility
√ Lameness
√ Weight loss
√ Reduced milk yield

Available in:

√ Powder formulation: 25kg

Consumption Rate:

√ 100g/cow/day.

Key Points About Shamrock Products

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