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Shamrock Pre-Calving Supplements

I use Shamrock Dairy Special plus High Vitamin E as my pre-calving supplement and am very happy with the results. Basically, my cows are set up after calving to help restore energy loss, reach peak milk production and support fertility, while my calves are strong and thrive with fewer scours and pneumonias. It’s a small investment for healthier animals”
Timmy O Dwyer
Tipperary - Dairy Farmer

Shamrock Pre-Calving Minerals

All Shamrock pre-calving supplements are seaweed based with added buffer and enriched with micro-nutrients.

Seaweed is an effective method to deliver the micro-nutrients to the animal for maximum absorption, while the buffer prepares the rumen for changes to the diet post-calving.

Why Supplement:

Pre-calving supplementation is required for both the cow and the calf in the last trimester of pregnancy.


  • Optimum foetal growth
  • Easier calving
  • Excellent colostrum quality
  • Improve post-calving conditions for the dam

“The average investment is €11.62 per cow or heifer for the recommended supplementation period to promote calf health and offset any undesirable metabolic conditions when using Shamrock powdered pre-calving products”

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