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Cattle/Sheep High Mag Fertility

Cattle/Sheep High Mag Fertility


Suitable for mixed farms as it DOES NOT contain copper Provides essential micro-nutrients to both animal types

Available in:

18kg and 40kg mineral lick

Consumption Rate:

20g/100kg bodyweight/day.

Cattle/Sheep High Mag Fertility

Shamrock Cattle/Sheep High Mag Fertility Block is a complimentary mineral supplement suitable for both cattle and sheep. The mineral can be used on mixed farms and contains high levels of magnesium(15%), in order to prevent the manifestation of grass tetany and contains minerals and trace elements for health and fertility.

Features and Benefits:

  • Seaweed based.
  • Contains a rumen buffer for improved digestive health and feed efficiency.
  • No fillers added.
  • Suitable for mixed farm practices(Cattle and Sheep).
  • Low usage rate.
  • Available 24 hours a day.
  • Reduce the likelihood of grass tetany during high risk periods.
  • High in all micronutrients essential for optimum fertility.

Key Points about Cattle/Sheep High Mag Fertility

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