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Shamrock Cutzyme

Cutzyme (Silage Additive)

Cutzyme (silage additive) is approved by Teagasc as a silage enhancer and is applied at harvesting to promote successful silage production. Containing lactic-acid producing bacteria (Streptococcus faecium, Lactobacillus plantaram and Pedicoccus acidlacti) and enzymes to free up plant sugars, Cutzyme uses the plants raw materials to rapidly ferment the grass. The raid fermentation process reduces dry matter loss, and reduces the incidence of yeasts and moulds. This means that less silage is discarded as waste and more feed is available to the animals.Cutzyme is available as a liquid or powder formulation. The liquid formulation is diluted in water and one sachet treats 50 tonnes and one bucket of powder Cutzyme treats 90 tonnes of silage. The cost of treatment is €1/tonne of silage.

How Does Cutzyme Work?

  • Delivers one million lactic acid producing bacteria per gram of forage
  • These bacteria are Streptococcus faecium, Lactobacilus plantaram and Pediococcus acidlacti
  • Each of these strains of bacteria convert plant sugars into lactic acid, and work under different pH conditions to ensure that the process of lactic acid formation begins early (grass pH 6.0) right through until silage is produced (pH 4.0)
  • The sequential action of each of the bacteria at different pH ensures optimum conditions for rapid fermentation
  • Fibre digesting enzymes (cellulase and hemicellulase) are beneficial because they free up plant sugars in cell walls for conversion to lactic acid and cease working when the pH drops to 4.3 – 4.1 (when sunshine is poor).
  • The rapid fermentation means that less dry matter digestibility (%) is lost and less protein is degraded and more protein is available in silage for the animal for enhanced performance
  • Rapid fermentation also inhibits growth of moulds and yeasts
“I use Shamrock Granular Cutzyme to ensil my silage for the Winter. I am very happy with the product because it preserves the silage excellently, providing good quality feed with very little wastage. This means I can cut back on feeding concentrates because the cattle are getting quality feed from the silage. I would highly recommend using Cutzyme for preserving silage efficiently”
John Clifford
Mitchelstown. Co Cork - Dairy Farmer
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