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Shamrock Grass Seed Mixes

Shamrock Grass Seed Mixes. Our prices have decreased by 10% from 2015!

Shamrock Grass Seed Mixes (1 acre bags)

Shamrock Grass seed mixes adhere to recommendations set out by the Department of Agriculture, and these grass seeds have been tried on Irish soil and are proven to be suitable to our conditions. Shamrock Grass Seed mixes contain 60% diploid and 40% tetraploid grass seed to ensure maximum performance of the sward.

Shamrock selects grass seeds with intermediate and late heading dates of high dry matter digestibility for maximum utilisation during the grazing season and delivery of excellent quality silage. Shamrock Grass Seed Mixes are available for different soil types and different farm practices and come in one acre bags. The overall aim of the blended grass seed is to increase performance per animal, and it does this by selecting seeds that perform in Spring, Summer and Autumn, thereby extending the grazing season. The grass is more palatable to the animal, which means that grazing paddocks are cleaned out, but return to the rotation system sooner due to the faster re-growth rates.


  • 2 sets of chromosomes
  • Persistence
  • Higher ground cover
  • More tillers/shoots
  • Easier to control quality
  • More water tolerant
  • Greater dry matter


  • 4 sets of chromosomes
  • Open Sward
  • Bigger leaf
  • Less tillers/shoots
  • Higher sugar content (palatable)
  • More drought resistant
  • Less dry matter
I use Shamrock 1A grass seed mix when re-seeding because I know it’s a quality blend I can rely on. The varieties in the mix are on the recommended list drawn up by the Department of Agriculture, and each variety compliments the growth habit of the other varieties. Shamrock 1A provides good ground cover, excellent feed value and responds well to fertilizer. I am very happy with the mix.”
Denis McGrath
Pallasgreen, Co. Limerick
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