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Shamrock Difficult Soil

Shamrock Difficult Soil (1acre bag, 12.5 kg)


  • Is a specially designed mixture specifically suited to wet, peaty or heavier soils.
  • The varieties included within this mixture are specifically selected for their outstanding ground cover and persistency, while also being of high quality.
  • Timothy is included in this mixture.

Benefits of Shamrock Difficult Soil

  • Designed a specifically for difficult soil conditions.
  • High sward density and persistent varieties.
  • Narrow range in heading dates for optimum management.
  • High quality varieties to improve palatability and help achieve higher utilisation.
  • Timothy is included.

Additional Informations:

  • Clover can be excluded or increased in the above mixture.
  • All the variety used are on the Irish recommended list from the Department of Agriculture.
In order to make the most of my grass based production system I use Shamrock seaweed fertilizer and Shamrock grass seed mixes at re-seeding. I find Shamrock Seaweed fertilizer is a great substitute for granulated lime, is easier to use and I can spread it myself, while the varieties in the grass seed mixes extend the growing season, have good ground cover with excellent take off."
Thomas Dwan
Thurles. Co. Tipperary
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