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Shamrock Liquid Fertiliser

Shamrock Liquid Fertiliser is an organic foliar spray harvested from Ascophyllum nodosum (kelp), washed, graded and extracted to give a concentrated source of essential minerals, trace elements and growth factors. Applied as a foliar spray, all the components are absorbed readily across the stomata to provide an immediate boost for plant growth, revive stressed/tired plants and promote water retention. Kelp also contains many growth hormones (e.g., cytokinins, auxins and gibberellins) that stimulate cell division in the plant. Shamrock Liquid Seaweed helps to maintain moisture in the grass and therefore improves the growing rates in warm weather. It improves greatly the trace element content of the grass, which is being grazed by the horses. With this improvement in trace elements, the overall health and well-being of the horses improve.  The root structure of the grass elongates and thereby counteracts poaching. It helps to utilise any fertiliser more efficiently.

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