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Shamrock Horse Revive

Shamrock Horse Revive

Revive (Seaweed based scour remedy)


Shamrock Revive is a seaweed based one sachet remedy for horses and foals, for the treatment of scour. This cost effective treatment corrects the pH, restores lost electrolytes, rehydrates the animals and provides a source of energy.


√ Revive was developed to cure diarrhoea in all animals.
√ Foals suffer from acidosis when they have diarrhoea.
√ Foals dehydrate when they have acidosis and a slow down in their liquid intake, this causes the Ph to drop in the blood and the stomach. If untreated, this will eventually lead to death.
√ Revive contains buffers which enables the Ph in the blood and the stomach to return to their normal levels.
√ Revive has vital ingredients to reverse electrolyte imbalances and hypoglycaemia.

Available in:

40g Sachet

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