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Shamrock Breath Easy-Block

Benefits of Eucalyptus:

√ It is Anti-bacterial
√ It is Anti-Viral
√ It is Anti-fungal
√ It has Anti-inflammatory properties- Treat fever
√ It helps to soften mucus in obstructed airways and loosen cough
√ It helps to regenerate lung tissue and aid the whole breathing process
√ It stimulated rbc functioning⇢ Increase O2 supply to every cell in the body ∴ very effective in all disease states

How Breath-Easy works:

Antibacterial effect
√ Natural effect against pasteurella

Stimulates a specific immunity
√ Organic-selenium & natural vitamin E
√ Increased production of antibodies
√ Suppresses rise in body temperature

Facilitates easy breathing
√ Increased respiratory exchange in lungs

Breath-Easy : Rates of usage

√ Average consumption rate is 20g/100kg bodyweight/day.
√ Available in 18KG and 40KG buckets
√ Eg: Allow 20 animals per 18kg bucket
√ Cost per head/per day: 10 cent

Take home Message on Breath-Easy:

√ Effective support in case of respiratory problems
√ Facilitation of easy breathing
√ Natural antibacterial effect
√ Stimulation of specific and non-specific immunity
√ Loosens mucus in the airways
√ Convenient and Practical to use
√ Full mineral supplement to counteract any deficiencies(No other supplementation required)

Trace Elements in Shamrock Breath-Easy:


√ Is an important component of many enzyme systems essential for normal growth and development.
√ Deficiency signs include reduced fertility, depressed immunity and “burnt” hair

Calcium iodate:

√ Good nutritional source of iodine in animal feed.
√ Iodine is an essential mineral to function the thyroid hormones- that regulate metabolism.
√ The first sign of iodine deficiency is goitre in new-born calves.Iron:


√ Primarily required for the formation of haemoglobin.
√ Deficiency symptoms include anaemia, depressed immunity and decreased weight gains.


√ Required for normal reproduction, and foetal and udder development.
√ Concentrate-based diets are low in manganese and supplementation is necessary when feeding these diets.


√ Is a component of many enzymes and is important for immunity, male reproduction, and skin and hoof health.
√ Cattle have a limited ability to store zinc and supplementation is always necessary


√ Anti-oxidant
√ Anti-inflammatory
√ Deficiency causes: white muscle disease (similar to muscular dystrophy) in new-born calves.
√ Weak at birth and increase their susceptibility to diseases sudden death syndrome


√ Functions as a component of vitamin B-12.
√ High-concentrate diets require more cobalt than forage-based diets.
√ The primary deficiency symptom is loss of appetite and poor growth.

The Value of the Vitamins:

√ Vitamin E can be helpful for short-term periods of stress that may occur when calves are co-mingled and transported at weaning.
√ Vitamin D aids the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the intestine and their deposition in the bone matrix.

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