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Shamrock Grass Seed Selection

Our temperate climate is suited to the production of quality grass for grazing and silage production.

Shamrock Farm Enterprises realises this potential for grass based production systems and have placed resources into the formulation and manufacture of products focused on superior grassland management.

  • Clover can be excluded or increased in the above mixture.
  • All the variety used are on the Irish recommended list from the Department of Agriculture.
  • Available in: 12.5kg= 1 acre bag

Shamrock Grass Seed Mixes (1 acre bags)

Shamrock selects grass seeds with intermediate and late heading dates of high dry matter digestibility for maximum utilisation during the grazing season and delivery of excellent quality silage. Shamrock Grass Seed Mixes are available for different soil types and different farm practices and come in one acre bags. The overall aim of the blended grass seed is to increase performance per animal, and it does this by selecting seeds that perform in Spring, Summer and Autumn, thereby extending the grazing season. The grass is more palatable to the animal, which means that grazing paddocks are cleaned out, but return to the rotation system sooner due to the faster re-growth rates.

Shamrock No. 1 A Grazing Mixture

  • The varieties in this mixture excel in Spring, Summer and Autumn.
  • This mixture is for intense grazing, but it is also suitable for silage.
  • For farmers cutting silage after the 25th of May, the late heading varies in the mix will ensure that the mid-season digestibility of the grass for later grazing is maintained longer.


  • Has been widely used in Irish farming for the last 26 years.
  • It is the first choice mix for all progressive farmers.
  • We pioneered the use of all late heading varieties for grazing swards.

Additional Informations:

Shamrock Grass seed mixes adhere to recommendations set out by the Department of Agriculture, and these grass seeds have been tried on Irish soil and are proven to be suitable to our conditions. Shamrock Grass Seed mixes contain 60% diploid and 40% tetraploid grass seed to ensure maximum performance of the sward.


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