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Shamrock Seaweed Fertiliser

Shamrock Seaweed Fertiliser


Shamrock Seaweed fertiliser is a pure natural fertiliser, harvested from calcified seaweed (Lithothamnium calcareum),

Available in:

25kg & 500kg bags

Spread Rate:

√ 200kg/acre every 5 years

Shamrock Seaweed fertiliser (25kg and 500kg bags) is a pure natural fertiliser, harvested from calcified seaweed (Lithothamnium calcareum), and is long established and well proven as an excellent soil conditioner. Chemical fertilisers (N, P, K) make a meaningful contribution to soil management, however, some chemicals, especially nitrogen, can make the soil acidic and has a coarsening and bitter influence on grass. Therefore, an effective grassland fertiliser program also needs to include a component to combat acidity, improve palatability of higher feed value and supply necessary trace elements and minerals for full production, fertility and health.

Application of Shamrock Seaweed fertiliser is a cost effective and positive step towards avoiding the heavy cost of correcting a nutrient deficiency, or losses associated with impaired crop production. Application rate is 200kg/acre every 5 years.

Benefits of Seaweed Fertiliser

Analytical Profile of Shamrock Sea Weed Fertiliser

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I used Shamrocks seaweed fertiliser for the first time last year. I was extremely surprised with how lush the grass was afterwards. Eventhough I was told that it's primary purpose was to bring all the minerals into the soil, it actually grew the grass very well also. All our horses are doing superbly well. Our fertility levels were at 100% and the foals did brilliantly. I will be using more this year and couldn't recommend highly enough.”
Knockmullen Stud,Wexford

Knockmullen Stud,Wexford

I started using Shamrock fertiliser in 2016 and having used it on a few paddocks have noticed a better growth of grass, with increased density, the stock grazing those paddocks did exceptionally well. This year I applied the seaweed fertiliser to some more paddocks, and have been impressed by the improvement in sward again. I have also started using the mineral buckets, and the mares and fillies using these buckets has tremendous coats, and are in great condition, what has surprised me is how long the buckets last once the horses have been using them for a while.”
Andrew Spalding
Hedgeholme Stud Darlington, United Kingdom
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