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Shamrock Equine Testimonials

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I use Shamrock Horse Blocks as a mineral and vitamin supplements for horses on the stud farm. The horses are healthy with excellent condition and coats, and I am happy with the product.”
John McEnry
Rossenarra Stud , Kells, Co. Killkenny
I have tried a lot of different vitamin and mineral blocks for my horses and the results I’ve gotten with Shamrock Horse Block exceeds all others. The foals and mares are in excellent order with good, clear coats and I’m extremely happy with them. Garlic which is added to the Shamrock Horse Block during the summer months works wonders on repelling horseflies and I haven’t seen any evidence of bites on their skin. All in all I am very happy the Shamrock Horse Block for foals and horses”
Paddy Ryan,
Ballypatrick, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary – Horse
My horses have improved in overall condition and health since I started using Shamrock Horse Block. I am very happy with the product and I will continue to use it for my animals”
Jimmy Mangan
Conna, Fermoy, Co. Cork - Horse Trainer
Since I started using Shamrock Horse Mineral products, I’ve noticed a vast improvement in the coat and general appearance of the horses. I also found that while the minerals are palatable to the horses, they don’t go through them near as fast as previous buckets we used. I used Shamrock Seaweed fertilizer, and I’m expecting serious yields, similar to results I achieved when I used seaweed fertilizer previously.”
Gerry Ross
Kenilworth House Stud
I use Shamrock Horse Products to supplement my animals, and I am delighted with the results I have achieved. The horses are thriving, with good legs and feet. The garlic added to the Shamrock Horse Block is very effective at repelling horseflies, making it easier on my animals. I will continue to use the product.”
Seán Doyle
Monbeg Racing, Wexford
I have also started using the mineral buckets, and the mares and fillies using these buckets has tremendous coats, and are in great condition, what has surprised me is how long the buckets last once the horses have been using them for a while."
Andrew Spalding
Hedgeholme Stud Darlington, United Kingdom
The Shamrock horse mineral lick moves from paddock to paddock with my in-foal mares. It gives me peace of mind that the mares are getting any minerals and vitamins they may need irrespective of season or 'terroir'/ ground. To my mind they also come into foal easier with this mineral lick."
B. McKelvey
Breeder, Co. Down
I have been pleased to source Shamrock Seaweed Fertiliser for my stud paddocks after a gap of nine years and have been amazed by the improvement within six months of application. The general density has increased and using the Horse Buckets for the first time the horses have actually taken to a supplement. I would happily recommend both products."
Emma Balding
Kingsclere Stud, United Kingdom
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