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Shamrock Horse Products

Shamrock Horse Minerals

In our Shamrock Farm Enterprises R&D Department our Scientists developed a range of supplements with the correct inclusion rates of seaweeds-minerals plus vitamins.  We started manufacturing our range in the mid 90's, at this point we stopped selling Horse feed and concentrated all our energies into the supplementation of Animals. Shamrock Farm Enterprises formulate mineral and vitamin supplements for the equine sector to help minimize undesirable conditions, and promote performance and improved fertility. All equine products are seaweed based

Shamrock range includes a block range in sizes 13kg and 40kg tubs.  This block is designed specifically for Foals and Horses and is free from naturally occurring prohibited substances (NOPS).  The Horse block is formulated to promote red blood cell synthesis, blood circulation, energy production, bone and hoof conditioning, muscle contraction, fertility and appearance (coat and skin).  The Shamrock Horse Block is designed to meet every nutritional requirement of the animal and can be used all year round.

Our range also includes a powder which is a blend of freshly harvested seaweeds with added organic copper.  Each type of seaweed is blended in the correct proportion in order to enhance the health and well-being of Horses.  This range comes in 5kg and 10kg buckets.

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