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Shamrock Horse Block

Shamrock Horse Block

Uses :

Shamrock Horse Block contains a full spectrum of minerals, trace elements and vitamins necessary for optimum health. The formulation of the product ensures the delivery of micronutrients crucial for red blood cell synthesis, blood circulation, energy production, bone and hoof conditioning, muscle contraction and appearance (coat and skin).

Available in:

7.5kg, 13kg and 40kg

Consumption Rate:

√ 80-100g/day for adult stock
√ 50-80g/day for young stock.

Shamrock Horse Block is designed specifically for foals and horses and is free from naturally occurring prohibited substances (NOPS). The Horse Block is formulated to promote red blood cell synthesis, blood circulation, energy production, bone and hoof conditioning, muscle contraction, fertility and appearance (coat and skin). The Shamrock Horse Block is designed to meet every nutritional requirement of the animal and can be used all year round.

Features and Benefits:

Horsed need a balanced mineral, vitamin and trace element supplement for optimum performance. The correct vitamin and mineral supplement in the correct proportion is vital to your horse’s health. Too much of one particular mineral can detrimental to the health of your horse.

The Shamrock Horse Tub is the only tub sold worldwide that contains organic Calcium derived from Lithothamnium Calcareous. Apart from balancing the diet of the horse, it also improves the bone structure naturally. This leads to less injuries and breakages in the horse’s bones.

The correct balance of Phosphorous and calcium is important in the diet of the horse. It should be 1:1. Grain diets are very high in phosphorous so need to be balanced with high quality calcium.

Shamrock carries all the trace elements an amino acids derived from seaweed which make them more bio-available to the body.

Health Benefits of Shamrock Horse Block

Helps blood circulation
Promotes Reproductive Efficiency
Enhances bone strength
Supports immune system
Promotes Muscle Contraction
Conditions Skin and Coat
Boosts Metabolism
Strengthen Hooves

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Why Seaweed?


Seaweed is the unrivalled multi-supplement, which delivers a blend of natural nutrients that can be deficient from soils and feed. Seaweed contains over 60 minerals, and trace elements, vitamins, carbohydrates, amino acids, essential fatty acids, natural bioactive hormones, growth factors and anti-oxidants.

The ocean contains a constant reservoir of micronutrients that are absorbed by seaweed and stored within the algae in a protected, colloidal state. This colloidal structure means that > 98% of all the micronutrients are absorbed in the animal allowing them to fulfil their diverse range of functions.

Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed

Health Benefits of Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed to Animals:

2. Contain Red Seaweed

Lithothamnium Calcaerum:

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