Dundrum, Co Tipperary, Ireland | IRL Sales: +353 62 26208 | UK Sales: +44 289 142 2074 | info@shamrockfarmenterprises.com

About Shamrock Farm Enterprises


Shamrock Farm Enterprises started in Ireland over 30 years ago. We pioneered the use of biological silage additive in the early 1990’s and our brand name ‘cutzyme’ is now being used in numerous countries worldwide. We also teamed up with international companies as distributors such as Alltech International and Celtic Sea Minerals.

About Shamrock

As our company grew over the years we built our own manufacturing plants. We now market products only under the Shamrock brand. In recent years Shamrock have invested heavily in R&D for the equine industry and we are now the undisputed leading brand with all the top equine experts worldwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strive for excellence by focusing on personalised service and delivery of superior products. Shamrock Farm Enterprises products are Animal, Consumer and Environmentally (ACE) friendly and our commitment to excellence is conveyed through our superior products and continued repeat business. We use sustainable, natural and robust ingredients to ensure positive outcomes for your farm.

Our Objective

Our objective is simple, we blend grass seed mixes, and formulate seaweed based cattle, sheep, deer, pigs, camel, buffalo and horse feed and mineral/vitamin supplements to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective package specific to the needs of the farmer.

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